Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tuxbox plugin with improved EPG

New version of the plugin :

Features :

- show start time with EPG data.
- smart EPG fetch by switching to the channels that lack EPG ( turn on/off in plugin settings )

Fixes :

- some basic error handling
- retry on errors and better timeout behavior.

I need your feedback. So please email me or leave a comment if it works for you.


  1. Hello Lars,

    Are you working on a solution for xbmcbuntu?


  2. I can give it a try, but it should work, as it runs fine on my crystalbuntu and other linux systems. Please email me xbmc.log and your hardware/software configuration

  3. Hey,

    So it seems like your plugin does work.
    Though I need to remove authentication in yWeb for it to do so. It seems like it doesn't pass authentication to r_urlopen for some reason. (Yes I have entered username/password in plugin)

    Changing e.reason to e.code made me discover this. Im using python2.7.

    btw Im no python guru ^^

  4. can´t install on xbmc for android.

  5. Get script error on xbmc windows install

  6. looks like url does not exist:

    enigma2 on openpli on xtrend et9000 (dreambox 800 hd clone)

  7. Hey,

    GREAT JOB!!! :o)

    I'm still stick to dbox2 and this is a way to use it with modern xbmc.
    Hope, your're have some more time to spend on it ;)

  8. Danke für das tolle plugin. Funktioniert auch bestens auf dem IPAD!