Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tuxbox plugin with improved EPG

New version of the plugin :

Features :

- show start time with EPG data.
- smart EPG fetch by switching to the channels that lack EPG ( turn on/off in plugin settings )

Fixes :

- some basic error handling
- retry on errors and better timeout behavior.

I need your feedback. So please email me or leave a comment if it works for you.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tuxbox plugin with simple EPG

Just a quick update. I added some basic EPG features.
You can turn the fetch EPG on in plugin settings.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

First release of the Tuxbox plugin for XBMC media center.

I searched the internet a lot but couldn't find a simple solution to stream my SAT TV to another room in my house. I am running two devices with XBMC in different rooms and really wanted to be able to stream live TV to them. I only have satellite TV in one room and after some tests with various receivers I decided to go for a linux based box. Most setups use enigma2 software. I personally don't like the enigma software and went for a Ntrino variant of the successor of most dbox2 images.
Unfortunately the API for those devices is different and no streaming plugin for XBMC seems to be available.

Then I decided to write the myself.

A frontend for TuxBox based devices eg. DBOX2, Edision Pingulux, Coolstream, Amiko Alien etc.

Don't expect to much as this is version 0.0.1. Please comment and tell me if it runs on your setup. And please donate to motivate me spending more spare time on it.

You may freely download the zip file for XBMC Installation

new version available here